‘A child of mine’: Instructor opens up heart, home to student

CHARLOTTE — A community is coming together to support a student who had nowhere to go, and the instructor who opened her home to the teen.

The Nevins Center provides help for people over 16 with learning challenges. A special bond emerged between Rudy Ware and her student, Cameron.

A string of medical events landed Cameron’s mother in the hospital, and Cameron has been living with Ware ever since the pandemic started in March.

Ware said the decision to bring the teen into her home was deeply personal.

“I have family that has Down syndrome,” Ware said. “I came down and I got Cameron from Atrium Health and I’ve had her ever since. I took Cameron on as a child of mine.”

The organization is spearheading a drive to collect things like clothing, shoes and toys for Cameron to make Christmas extra special.

>> In the video at the top of this page, reporter Anthony Kustura explains the challenges this year has brought on and the way you can help.

To contact Nevins, Inc., email pglass@nevinsinc.org.

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