Woman says family was denied stimulus due to husband’s immigration status

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte woman says she expected to get a stimulus check, but the government denied her because of her husband’s immigration status.

Laine Dedmon has been out of work due to cutbacks from the coronavirus. Her husband is a local artist and entrepreneur. Like many, the two set their sights on relief from a stimulus check. It never came

So, in July, she called the IRS to see why her family had not gotten a check and learned that her husband’s immigration status was at the center of their concerns.

Dedmon says the IRS flagged him as a nonresident alien despite being a citizen for ten years.

“My citizenship and that of my children is somehow deemed less than because my husband wasn’t born here ...I’m sorry, but that’s not right. It’s just wrong,” she said.

It’s also not exclusive to their family.

According to the Migration Policy Institute -- a nonpartisan immigration think tank -- more than 15 million people in the United States considered mixed-immigrant status were excluded from round one of stimulus checks.

In North Carolina, the estimate for those excluded topped 440,000 people and nearly 130,000 of their children.

“It’s absolutely a discriminatory policy. Why? It makes no sense,” Dedmon said.

Dedmon said they’ve gone through the process of correcting her husband’s status, but she said she’s not confident that it will make a difference.