‘It’s insane’:Mac’s Speed Shop to trim menu, increase prices

CHARLOTTE — Mac’s Speed Shop is making changes to its menu as it faces ongoing supply chain, pricing and staffing issues.

The popular barbecue joint -- which operates eight locations in the Carolinas -- will cut a dozen items starting Wednesday.

“This is the most trying times that we’ve ever seen in the restaurant industry,” said Mac’s Hospitality Group President Shang Skipper. “It’s made it tough for us to operate and we’re finally taking measures that we don’t want to take, we don’t like taking it, but we hope it’s extremely temporary.”

Gone are green bean casserole, stuffed jalapenos, creamed corn and beef rib -- which is the most expensive item on the menu.

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“We hope there are other items on the menu that will appeal to our guests. Frankly, I’m pissed off. I’m annoyed we’re in this boat,” Skipper said. “I’ve never experienced anything like this -- it’s insane.”

Prices will climb by up to 25% on chicken wings and brisket in the face of record-level costs.

“Chicken wings are up $60 a case since the beginning of the pandemic, and we get pretty good pricing because we move so many chicken wings -- we move a lot of chicken wings,” Skipper told Channel 9.

He said they looked at labor to determine what menu items they could keep, and made sure they tried hard to keep the restaurant’s main favorites.

“Whether things go and come back to normal or get worse, we’re going to adapt as we go,” Skipper said.

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