• Gay gives tearful testimony; Jury brought to Ed's Tavern

    By: Paige Hansen


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Kenan Gay spent four hours testifying in his own defense Tuesday.

    The former UNC football player is on trial for second-degree murder.

    Prosecutors argue Gay intentionally pushed Robert Kingston into the street outside a Dilworth bar two years ago. Kingston was hit by a car and was killed.

    Gay seemed relieved to step off the stand Tuesday afternoon.
    Through much of his questioning, he was emotional, even crying and asking his attorney for tissues at one point to wipe away tears.

    Gay entered the courthouse Tuesday morning, just before his attorney David Rudolf who told Channel 9, he wasn't surprised his client's voice had been shaky on the stand the day before.

    “He’s feeling nervous. You know, he’s a 25-year-old kid who is on trial for second-degree murder for something he didn’t do,” Rudolf.

    Gay gave his side of what happened the night of March 3, 2012 at Ed’s Tavern.

    Gay testified he had twice seen his then girlfriend, Liz, approached by Kingston by 10:30 p.m. that night.

    Gay said he wasn't bothered until he said he saw Kingston grab his girlfriend with both arms and “look like he was going to kiss her.”

    “I just wanted to get him away from her,” Gay told the jury.

    Through tears, Gay began describing and even demonstrated for the jury how he said he pushed Kingston out of the bar with two hands, holding Kingston’s upper back.

    When asked why Kingston was pushed out the door, he said, “Because it was there,” adding to his claim that he was not acting maliciously.

    Prosecutors argue Gay intentionally pushed Kingston out the door and into the path of an oncoming car.

    Gay told the state he normally works out problems by “talking through them.”

    Prosecutors pointed out, Gay chose not to say anything to Kingston that night.

    Gay testified that he turned back toward the bar after releasing Kingston.

    He said he then heard a crash, and turned to see Kingston, lying in the street.

    The state questioned Gay and tried to prove inconsistencies in his testimony by asking Gay to clarify specifics about where he was standing and when.

    Both sides also asked Gay about why he ran from the scene that night.

    He told jurors, he was in shock and wishes he could take it back.

    The judge did not allow jurors to watch a video from the back of a police car moments after Gay’s arrest.

    But, Channel 9 saw it where Gay is saying the Lord’s Prayer repeatedly and said he was praying for all those involved, including Kingston.

    After Gay’s testimony, jurors were taken to the scene at Ed’s Tavern.

    They took the field trip to see for themselves the things that have been described to them multiple times inside the courtroom.

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