• Man awaiting charges in Newland double homicide

    By: Dave Faherty


    NEWLAND, N.C. - A second victim died more than 24 hours after she and another man were found beaten and bloodied on the floor of a mobile home Sunday morning in Newland.

    Police are waiting to charge Oscar Cook III with murder.

    Police believe Cook killed Ronald Buchanan Sunday and severely beat Brandy Rose, who died Monday.

    Police kicked in the front door Sunday morning at the Newland home after looking through a window and seeing blood, and a badly beaten man and woman on the floor under a comforter, according to court documents.

    Cook was found inside a bedroom of the home and had blood on his clothes and boots, according to a search warrant.

    The violence has rocked a town that hasn't had a murder in decades.

    Chuck Shook, a neighbor, said he's known Buchanan for nearly 30 years.

    "I know when I come home from the hospital he tried to give me money even though he didn't have any," Shook said. "He and his wife have always been good to us."

    Shook said they are a close-knit community.

    "Everyone has known each other their entire lives," Shook said. "Praying for wisdom and also praying for the families."

    Cook has been convicted of assault, breaking and entering and a drug charge, according to the North Carolina Department of Corrections.

    He got out of prison 11 days before the murder.

    Police are not releasing a motive but said Buchanan knew Cook.

    "Everyone is on the phone calling everyone saying, 'Hey, what happened?'" said Richard Turbyfill, a neighbor.

    Cook had his first court appearance from jail Monday morning, where the judge appointed him an attorney.

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