Man accused of speeding away from police, recording for social media

CHARLOTTE — A driver is accused of speeding away from police multiple times, all while recording for social media.

On Wednesday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department announced the arrest on Twitter. The post featured a viral video of 21-year-old Carlos Clark driving recklessly, his mugshot, and a list of charges.

Police say Clark is linked to the Instagram account ‘thestolenz06.’ The account features several videos of a black Corvette being driven near CMPD officers and even running from them during traffic stops.

Another video posted to TikTok shows what appears to be the same car surrounded by CMPD officers before hitting one of the cruisers and speeding away.

Resident Diamond Jenkins told Channel 9 that the videos were crazy to see.

“I am a mom, and I think it’s very dangerous, inconsiderate, and selfish. Taking officers away from things that they could be doing is much more important than trying to catch this guy that, you know, all of a sudden has an obsession with, you know, spontaneous speeding and police,” Jenkins said.

Former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Assistant Chief Vicki Foster said the behavior was dangerous to the general public, as well as to CMPD officers.

“He’s very lucky that he hasn’t hurt or killed anyone. I hope that the consequences turn out to be serious enough that he will realize that this is not a game and that he will stop this type of behavior,” Foster explained.

CMPD said they arrested Clark last week on a number of charges, but he immediately bonded out of jail. Following that release, the Corvette, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and guns were seized from Clark’s home.

Clark has a history of similar charges. Just nine days before this incident, he was arrested for simple assault but bonded out shortly after.

Channel 9 knocked on the door of the address listed for Clark on court documents, but the man who answered said he didn’t know who Carlos Clark was.

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Hannah Goetz, wsoctv.com

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