Man accused of stealing $88K from Charlotte bank vault, posting photos on social media

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — If a bank trusts someone with keys to the vault, you would expect they would not try to steal and if they did, they would not brag about it online.

Federal investigators said that is exactly what Arlando Henderson was doing. According to a federal indictment, Henderson worked for Wells Fargo in Charlotte and stole more than $88,000 from the vault.

Prosecutors said he tried to hide it by destroying documents or getting other people to lie on bank accounts.

But, he was not so good at covering it up because not only did he post photos on social media, prosecutors said he deposited some of the stolen money in an ATM near the bank.

The indictment also points to a photo of Henderson with a white Mercedes.

It said Henderson bought it in Lake Norman with some of the stolen money and then lied on loans to pay for the rest of it.

He could face decades behind bars if he’s found guilty.

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