Man charged with 'corrupting' Wells Fargo employees in fraud scheme

CHARLOTTE — Federal prosecutors have charged a man in a bank fraud scheme that involved "corrupting" Wells Fargo employees, documents said.

Jerry Lee Grier Jr., 37, and others obtained the information in part through the employees, prosecutors said.

Investigators said Grier and others used the information to call Wells Fargo bank tellers and employees in Charlotte. The suspects would then impersonate bank customers and said they had an emergency and needed cash.

Documents allege Grier and others would send friends and relatives to conduct the transaction on their behalf.

"That's real scary," said Paul Kermode, a bank customer.

The allegations are nothing new for Grier.

In 2011, a federal judge sentenced him to more than three years in prison for defrauding Bank of America and Wachovia Bank.

Prosecutors said he offered tellers private plane trips and chances to socialize with famous athletes to get cash.

"I don't know if it's the arrogance or just the complete disregard for trouble he's been in in the past, but the fraud scheme is the exact same," said criminal defense attorney Ryan Stump, of Randall & Stump PLLC.

Eyewitness News reached out to Wells Fargo for comment Monday. A representative said any customers affected by fraud are covered by the bank. However, the representative declined comment on the specific case.

The attorney for Grier could not immediately be reached.