CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Man says ‘you’re dead’ before setting deputy’s house on fire

GRANITE FALLS, N.C. — A man has been charged with attempted murder and arson after he was caught on camera trying to burn down a Caldwell County deputy’s home, officials said.

It happened Sunday at the deputy’s home along Morrison Place in Granite Falls.

The deputy and his wife were out of town when the fire started, but someone he had watching his home quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and knocked down some of the flames.

Authorities said firefighters from Sawmills Fire Department and Granite Falls Fire Department responded within minutes and were able to prevent severe fire damage to the home.

Once the fire was out, the Caldwell County fire marshal was able to determine the fire was intentionally set.

Officials said they were able to speed up the investigation because of surveillance cameras on the house.

The cameras were able to capture the suspect, later identified as 41-year-old William Sisk, approaching the house with a large bucket. Deputies said Sisk threw the liquid from the bucket on the front door, walked out of the view of the camera, and then returned moments later to the front door and set it on fire with a lighter.

Officials said Sisk could be heard on camera saying, “you’re dead” and “you had this coming.”

Deputies said they are still trying to determine the motive, but the deputy who owns the home told Channel 9′s Dave Faherty he believes he was targeted because of his work. He said he has never had any law enforcement interaction with Sisk.

There was one person inside the house at the time but no one was hurt.

Authorities said Sisk was taken into custody a short distance from the house and assaulted two deputies while being arrested.

He is charged with one count of first-degree attempted murder and one count of first-degree arson. He is being held under a $1 million secured bond at a facility outside the county.

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