Man who hit, dragged dirt biker who lost leg will spend 8 years behind bars

ROCK HILL, S.C. — The man who hit and dragged a dirt biker 200 feet on a local highway will spend the next eight years in prison.

Michael Robinson was riding his dirt bike in October along Highway 5 in Rock Hill when Brian Waters collided with him.

Robinson survived but lost his leg because of the crash.

Channel 9 South Carolina bureau reporter Greg Suskin was in the courtroom Thursday as Waters pleaded guilty, and apologized.

Robinson’s family, who in the past told Channel 9 they had not seen any remorse from Waters, told Suskin that he appeared to be truly sorry for what he did.

Waters read a tearful apology in court, saying he was running on fear, adrenaline and shock after the crash.

Robinson, who lost his leg from the knee down, also spoke after spending a month in the hospital. After he was hit, he was then dragged under Waters’ truck – his dirt bike sparking in the road before it finally came loose.

Waters lied to police several times about what happened, saying at first that someone else was driving his truck that night.

Robinson's mother, Catherin Ingram, told Channel 9 the family forgives Waters for what he did, but being in court was very hard on her.

"I didn't even know if I wanted to even look at him or not,” she said. “Because it has been a life-changing event. My son's life has changed forever.”

When Waters was caught, he had meth and admitted to struggling with drug addiction for years.

Robinson had just been hired by Duke Energy as a lineman before the crash -- a job he said he still plans to pursue.