Mecklenburg County website experiences issues; local election results slow to release

CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County experienced a website issue Tuesday night that may have included a delay in election results being made available.

“Our website is currently down,” Mecklenburg County tweeted before 9:45 p.m. They referred people to the state website for election results.

Michael Dickerson, the county’s director of elections, told Channel 9′s Glenn Counts the issue has been primarily with the state. He said the results have been slow to report.

Around 10 p.m., Dickerson said the results from the county will likely be reported by the state in an hour or so.

A North Carolina State Board of Elections official told Channel 9 there are not any significant issues on their end and that the gathering of results takes time.

“Patience is a virtue. Our people are getting them turned as quickly as possible. We have 100 counties reporting at the same time,” said Patrick Gannon, a spokesperson for NCSBE.

This is a developing story. Check for updates.

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