Get a shot, get paid: $25 cash cards being given to boost vaccination rates

CHARLOTTE — Mecklenburg County is trying to boost vaccination rates by giving away cash cards.

Anyone who gets vaccinated or drives someone to get vaccinated at some clinics will get a $25 cash card from Wednesday through Tuesday, June 8.

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Getting paid to take the shot -- it’s a trend seen recently to increase the number of vaccinations in our area, and on Wednesday Mecklenburg County is expanding the locations where you can collect a $25 cash card.

The county said the cash cards will help pay for the time and transportation to get a vaccine.

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Click here for more information on these incentives and where the cash cards are being offered.

Here’s who qualifies:

  • Anyone getting their first dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single shot Johnson & Johnson brand at participating clinics.
  • The person who drives someone to get their shot can also get a cash card (excluding taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers).
  • The offer is only good for people 18 or older.

(WATCH: Mecklenburg, Rowan counties offering $25 cash cards for COVID vaccinations)