MEDIC to take over ambulance service in Mint Hill Tuesday

Mint Hill FD to stop providing ambulance support

MINT HILL, N.C. — This week will bring a major change in emergency response in Mint Hill -- on Tuesday, MEDIC will take over ambulance service in town.

Officials said the fees for Mint Hill residents will not change. Click here for current MEDIC rates.

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The Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department will stop providing ambulance support in less than 90 days for its 30,000 citizens.

The Mint Hill Volunteer Fire Department announced last month they will stop providing ambulance support for the town's 30,000 residents because they can't afford to provide the service anymore.

In 2013, it started charging people for the service for first time in 40 years. But, it said higher costs, growth in the town, and fewer trained staff have now forced them to end the service.

The department will continue to provide first responder support for both fire and medical emergencies, but it will be part of MEDIC's system of care.

When it was announced, residents had concerns, including how long it will take for MEDIC to get to their homes.

"I don’t think a lot of people even knew this was happening," a resident said.

MEDIC Statement:

“They absolutely should not be worried. We predict volume based on historical data and place trucks so we can respond when and where we are needed. We have always dispatched from our call center for Mint Hill so we have that data already.  We will treat Mint Hill as we do every other municipality in Mecklenburg County. We have excellent response times consistently, as required by contract with Mecklenburg County.” 

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