Mother films video as drivers ignore signals at busy intersection crosswalk near day care

CHARLOTTE — A mother has expressed concern to Channel 9 about a crosswalk in south Charlotte near her children’s day care where drivers ignore the walking signals.

Meha Shah recorded a video of cars speeding past her as she was pushed an empty stroller, moments after dropping off her children at day care.

Shah was trying to cross Highway 51 at the Beverly Crest and Hugh Forest Road intersection.

The mother told reporter Anthony Kustura that she was concerned someone could get hurt on the busy stretch of road with two schools nearby and plenty of neighborhoods.

In the video, you can see Shah make it halfway across the highway as four cars zoom past her, making a left turn while the crossing signal is still counting down.

“I was mad and infuriated seeing cars pass by and they didn’t even stop,” said Shah.

It’s a problem other neighbors have too.

Harry Norton said he struggles to get across the same intersection.

“I keep an eye on them, because I’ve almost been hit a couple of times, you can’t assume they won’t hit you,” said Norton.

While Kustura was at the crosswalk, he also saw drivers blow through red lights and speed in the nearby school zone.

Norton said drivers are extremely distracted in the area.

“They’re in a hurry, and you’re just an inconvenience. I’m very cautious,” said Norton.

Shah said she wants to see change by adding more police to patrol the area. She even took her concerns to CMPD.

“What they told me is that, you know, since they did not witness it, they cannot do anything, even though I have it captured on video with the four cars passing by,” said Shah.

Shah said she’s hoping city leaders can implement new signals that require drivers to stop completely until a person crosses.

“I hope people don’t wait for somebody to be hurt or die in an accident and then come and make a change. Make a change when you can,” said Shah.

We are asking CMPD what would need to happen to patrol an intersection like this and what consequences there would be for a driver who doesn’t stop.

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