Mother says classroom recording indicates teacher’s inappropriate behavior

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — A mother said she was concerned about a shift in her five-year-old son’s behavior, so she sent him to school with a recording device.

The recording revealed what she calls inappropriate behavior by a teacher toward her son with special needs.


“It’s been OK until his behavior started to change,” said Latasha Blakeney, parent.

Blakeney said her son started acting unusual at Jefferson Elementary School

“He started to wet his clothes consistently, so it was either once or twice a week,” Blakeney said.

Blakeney said her son is non-verbal, so last week before sending him to school, she put a voice recorder in his backpack to hear what was going on in the classroom.

“I heard his teacher,” Blakeney said. “I heard her screaming, yelling at him.”

On the recording, an adult could be heard repeatedly yelling “sit down” followed by a loud-clapping sound. A child then could be heard crying.

Blakeney said that on the same day, the teacher told her that her son did great in school.

A spokesman for Chesterfield County Schools said the administration is aware of the alleged incident and is currently investigating it.

They wouldn’t answer any other questions from Channel 9.

Blakeney said she wants more transparency for parents who have children with special needs.

“I would like cameras to be installed in this classroom so that there is no question as to what happened,” she said.

The spokesperson said he is unaware of any classrooms that have cameras installed.

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