Mt. Holly officers jump into action to help mom give birth on side of road

MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. — Xareni Cauiech - Lucero was in a hurry to see her parent when she was born 15 days early at the side of state Highway 273 near Interstate 85 in Mount Holly.

“She is a warrior,” said Olga Lucero, mother.

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Lucero and her husband, Alberto Cauiech, had to stop Saturday morning along the highway while the mother was having contractions.

Cauiech called 911, but there was a language barrier and things were moving slowly; that’s when he said he saw Mount Holly police officers driving by.

“Thank God because I don’t know what to do,” he said as his daughter was about to be introduced into the world.

Four officers responded to the family and snapped into action, some blocked traffic on Highway 273.

The other officers got into the family’s SUV to help Lucero give birth.

“They reaction is so quickly,” Cauiech said.

It took another 10 minutes to deliver Xareni.

The child was born seconds before firefighters arrived and minutes before the first ambulance arrived.

“She is so beautiful and healthy and strong,” the new mother told Channel 9.

This family considers the responding officers a godsend.

“I feel so happy, and I’m so thankful for them,” Lucero said.

Their doctor told the parents Friday that their child is doing great.