‘I’m sick over this’: Several Facebook users say accounts were hacked

CHARLOTTE — Several people have contacted Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke to say someone hacked their Facebook account.

Stacey Sizemore is a life coach in northeast Charlotte, and she uses Facebook to promote her business. When her account was hacked, the breach changed the email address.

She said Facebook alerted her in the middle of the night on a weekend, and she didn’t notice until that Monday.

“I see the email. I click the link. The link had expired,” she said.

Sizemore said she was too late and got locked out of her account.

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“I have deleted pictures and videos (in other places) because, ‘Oh, it’s on Facebook.’ You know, (it’s) on Facebook instead of putting (photos and videos) on my hard drive. Facebook has always been there,” she told Stoogenke. “I feel like somebody just took -- it’s just I can’t do anything.”

Sizemore said the hackers haven’t done any other damage, but she’s worried about them using her account to scam others, especially her customers.

“My business’s financial information is tied to my business page,” Sizemore added.

Facebook has a help tool for hacking victims, but Sizemore said it didn’t help. She tried to get in contact with Facebook but said it didn’t help.

Other Facebook users told Stoogenke the same thing.

“Can’t get a hold of anyone from Facebook,” a viewer wrote in an email. “No phone number, don’t return emails or tweets.”

Another viewer emailed Stoogenke to say, “I have written to Facebook every day since this happened. I’m sick over this.”

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Stoogenke emailed Facebook to discuss complaints about its responsiveness but didn’t hear back as of Wednesday.

About a month ago, 500 million Facebook users’ personal information was on a website that hackers use.

Protect your account by:

  • Use a two-factor authentication: Facebook texts you a code when someone accesses your account from a different device.
  • Choose a hard password.
  • Change your password often.
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