Mysterious mini monolith appears in downtown Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Mysterious geological structures are popping up across the country, with the latest being reported in North Carolina.

A 3-foot tall, three-sided monolith appeared in downtown Fayetteville on Dec. 3.

The community said they’re stumped as to who put it there -- or why -- and the city says it doesn’t know either.

The Cool Spring Downtown District, the City of Fayetteville’s managing partner to its dedicated arts and entertainment district, first shared a post about this occurrence on its Facebook page.

A team of biologists counting bighorn sheep discovered the first 11-foot metal structure on Nov. 18 in a southeastern Utah desert. Satellite images indicate that it was installed sometime between August 2015 and October 2016. It was removed Nov. 26 by a group that said “Leave no trace.” It is believed to be an illegal art installation, however, it is still unknown who created it and why.

Since then, similar structures have randomly shown up in towns and cities across the United States, including Texas, California, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and Colorado.

No one has stepped forward to take credit for Fayetteville’s mini monolith.