National Park Service buys Outer Banks homes at risk of collapse

RODANTHE, N.C. — More beachfront homes on the North Carolina coast could soon be bought by the federal government.

The National Park Service said it’s buying up homes that are at risk of falling into the sea due to beach erosion.

It’s happening at Cape Hatteras, which is also where we’ve seen several homes collapse into the water, scattering debris.

Two houses in Rodanthe were recently bought for more than $700,000 combined. The money is coming from a fund used to protect important cultural and natural areas.

The park service plans to tear them down to prevent a future collapse. They’ll also bring in a contractor to restore the beach.

When restoration is complete, the surrounding area will be open for the public to enjoy.

In the event the homes collapse before demolition, the park is assuming responsibility for the cleanup and restoration.

(WATCH BELOW: Bridge designed to avoid flooded road to Outer Banks opens on NC coast)