NC Board of Elections looks into reports of votes being switched

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The North Carolina Board of Elections is looking into reports of votes being switched on touchscreen voting machines, but officials said it’s highly unlikely someone tampered with the machines.

LINK: North Carolina Board of Elections

Some voters have claimed that their vote was switched from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump

The NAACP said they have received complaints from three voters. Representatives from the group said that with so much riding on this historic election, they don't want any mistakes.

“At the end of day, a glitch is a glitch in my mind. We don’t want to have anyone’s vote to be suppressed any way or tampered with in any way,” said Corrine Brownm with the NAACP.


The state Board of Elections told Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison that the machines are rigorously tested, but are not free from technical or human error.

“I review what I did just in case I did a mistake or so,” said voter Steven.

Election officials said that sometimes, people can make mistakes with touchscreens with either long fingernails or vision issues, but they say the machines can have glitches and that when they find those problems the machines get pulled from the voting.

Officials said that if you discover a problem with your machine after checking your ballot, immediately report it to a poll worker. They said your ballot can be deleted and restarted.

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