NC congressman introduces bill to improve Charlotte’s weather radar coverage

CHARLOTTE — Channel 9′s live local radar is an important source for hundreds of thousands of people in the Charlotte area, but did you know that the National Weather Service doesn’t have its own radar close by?

The closest NWS NEXRAD doppler radar system is in Greer, South Carolina. That’s more than 80 miles away, and the distance is the reason the NWS can sometimes be slow to warn of developing thunderstorms.

While the Severe Weather Center 9 doppler radar helps our meteorologists and viewers, one local congressman is pushing to ensure that Charlotte doesn’t get left out of the next generation of radar.

Democratic Rep. Jeff Jackson introduced H.R. 4912 this week, “To require the evaluation of certain criteria relating to locations for deployment of successor radar systems of the National Weather Service, and for other purposes.”

Rep. Jackson quoted Channel 9′s Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson in pushing the need for NWS radar in Charlotte.

“The Charlotte Metro area has been dangerously underserved,” said WSOC Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson. “I don’t use those words lightly. Meteorologists in Greer, SC whose responsibility it is to protect people from dangerous weather literally cannot see the details necessary to accurately assess what is happening in Charlotte. It is not for lack of knowledge or technology; it goes back to the decision made in the 1980s to not put a NEXRAD within 75 miles of Charlotte.”

Udelson is continuing to be a resource for Jackson’s staff as the bill has been assigned to the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.

But until there’s a new radar announcement, you can keep updated with our radar at this link.

(WATCH: New radar tells you first when storms are coming to Charlotte)

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