NC wildlife officers remind to be extra cautious on water for Memorial Day weekend

MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. — It’s Memorial Day weekend and with some bars not opening up, North Carolina wildlife officers are expecting more people to be out on the water.

They said if people plan on going out to the lake, go with your immediate household and be mindful when you’re on boat ramps.

Officials said the lakes may get really congested, so it’s best to stay close to your boat for social distancing purposes.

Officers also said they will be more cautious as they patrol.

“When interacting directly with the public we’re going to try to keep our distance, we’re also going to wear PPE. If we have to put somebody into our boat, we’re definitely going to be wearing gloves,” said Sampson Parker, NC wildlife enforcement officer. “Just an extra precaution to protect us and the public.”

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