NC wildlife tech hailed as ‘superhero’ for rescuing bear cub stuck in tree

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina wildlife conservation tech rescued a bear cub that was stuck in a tree Wednesday, according to a bear advocacy group.

In a Facebook post, the advocacy group Help Asheville Bears said the cub got its paw trapped between the tree’s trunk and a branch. When North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Technician Ryan Luckadoo found out, he jumped into action.

Luckadoo freed the cub, checking it for injuries and bleeding, and set it down. The bear was able to climb down the tree on its own.

The group said the cub’s mother is usually in the area where it got stuck, and the group expects the family to be reunited soon. HAB said Luckadoo was a “superhero” for saving the cub.

“Mr. Luckadoo is incredibly brave for what he did to rescue the precious bear cub,” HAB said in its Facebook post.

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