Republicans at NCGOP Convention react to Trump indictments

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The North Carolina GOP Convention is underway in Greensboro. One of the guest speakers includes former President Donald Trump, who was recently indicted on charges related to mishandling classified documents.

Channel 9′s Dave Faherty spoke to a number of delegates at the convention about the indictment.

“It’s just another ploy in the game to censor him, shut him down, so he won’t run,” delegate Kim Atkinson said.

“They just keep churning more stuff up … trying to get something on him,” delegate Tim Smith said.

While many of them told Faherty that the indictments may actually help the former president, not everyone was sold.

“It’s concerning to see litigation, however just because litigation is brought up doesn’t mean that person is actually guilty,” voter Amy Brinson told Channel 9.

Inside the convention center, there was a lot of politicking for candidates across the state. The delegates said they’ll be meeting Friday afternoon to discuss some business matters within the party.

But the talk among a lot of the people attending is the federal indictments against Donald Trump involving classified documents.

“They have thrown everything at him -- impeachments -- and it all didn’t prove out to be so,” said delegate Roger Cave.

“It makes us love him more. Because he’s doing this all for the people,” said delegate Gloria King. “He doesn’t have to take all this. He’s doing this for us.”

Trump is scheduled to speak Saturday night. Florida Governor and presidential candidate Ron Desantis is speaking Friday and former Vice President Mike Pence is speaking Saturday afternoon.

One of the delegates said he tried for four days to get tickets to Trump’s speech Saturday.

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