Neighbors push back on plan to move historic building to Dilworth

CHARLOTTE — Residents in Dilworth are pushing back on a prominent restaurant group’s plan to move a historic building to their neighborhood.

The Tonidandel-Brown Restaurant Group wants to move the Leeper-Wyatt building to a parking lot next to their future Leluia Hall restaurant on Cleveland Avenue.

The Leeper-Wyatt Building is the oldest retail brick commercial building in Charlotte, dating back to 1903.

It is at risk of being demolished due to development; however, the owners of Leluia Hall want to save it.

“We ask for your visionary leadership here to envision a Charlotte that is mindful of sustainability, charm, local jobs, and history for many decades to come,” owner Jamie Brown said.

Monday night, residents pushed back on the plan. They said the building would be moved to the lot next to the restaurant, and they are worried about the lack of parking.

“What we have to do is consider people over places. We have to consider brotherhood bonds over buildings,” resident Benson Okeiyi said.

The restaurant group said they will lease parking spaces and that parking decks are currently under construction within walking distance of the area.

Charlotte City Council will vote regarding the situation in the coming months.

VIDEO: Owners of popular Charlotte restaurants working to save historic Dilworth building

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