Neighbors say group home for children is out of control

MINT HILL, N.C. — Frustrated neighbors are fed up with fights, violent outbursts and daily calls to police about a group home for children.

Mint Hill town leaders are researching what it would take to close it down if things don't change.

The home is not far from Albemarle and Lawyers roads.

The state agency that regulates the home is investigating the report.

Turn Around has been certified since 2001.

The police chief said his officers have been called to the house 114 times since January.

Neighbors said their area used to be quiet and peaceful.

"They (are) throwing things, loud and fighting constantly,” neighbor Veronica Tukan said.

Teens reportedly threw objects at staff in some cases.

“There needs to be a change. It's my opinion that the people that supervise these girls have is non-existent,” neighbor Mike Bustetter said.

One neighbor said an angry teen threw this metal pipe during a recent tirade.

"It's like we on the battlefront,” Tukan said.

The owner said she knows there is a problem and is working with police, but neighbors are taking their own steps.

They complained to town leaders during a board meeting Thursday night.

The police chief said he's working with other leaders to possibly strengthen the nuisance ordinance to close a facility down in situations like this.

The owner said clients who act out can be relocated, but it can take more than 30 days.

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