Reports: Police focus on convicted sex offender in Brittanee Drexel case

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.,None — Police in Myrtle Beach are responding to newly reported developments in the case of a missing teenager.

Brittanee Drexel, from Rochester, N.Y., disappeared in 2009 while on Spring Break with friends.

Reports surfaced on Thursday that a convicted sex offender, Raymond Moody, has been the primary person of interest since Drexel went missing.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of Brittanee Drexel

Police sent out a release after that report, saying Moody is one of many people they have investigated.

They said they are continuing to follow every possible lead.

A surveillance camera captured Drexel leaving a hotel in Myrtle Beach in 2009.

The footage is the last known sighting of Drexel.

Investigators said a signal from her cellphone was detected 50 miles south of Myrtle Beach later that night.

There have been numerous searches between those two points but they turned up nothing.

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