New stadium could increase Panthers’ ticket prices 30% -- or more

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Any time talk turns to the possibility of a new stadium for the Carolina Panthers, two money questions pop up. The first is, how much will a stadium cost and how much will taxpayers be asked to pay? The second is, how much will ticket prices go up?

We don’t have an answer for the first question, though $2 billion is a safe estimate, based on the construction and development cost of the Las Vegas Raiders’ Allegiant Stadium opened this season. As for the second, a recent report by trade publication Team Marketing Report shows that average ticket prices increased by 37% for the six NFL teams that moved into new stadiums between 2009 and 2017.

When factoring in the cost of attending a game — four tickets, parking, sodas, beer, hot dogs and two souvenir caps — the average went up by 20%, to $507.87, at those new venues.

CBJ delved into what those figures could mean for the Panthers as talks of a new stadium loom on the horizon.

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