New video inside school bus shows moment it crashed in Chesterfield County

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — Newly released videos give an inside look the moment a school bus crashed nearly two weeks ago in Chesterfield County.

Officials said at least eight children were hurt, but they are all expected to be OK.

Channel 9 requested the video through a Freedom of Information Act request to get a better idea of what exactly happened that day.

In the video, children can be seen inside the bus as it drives down the road normally. When the crash happens, the children are jolted. Seconds later, the bus flips on its side and the children fall onto the windows.

Within a matter of seconds, children can be seen jumping into action to get everyone out. One child opened a window and another opened the emergency door at the back of the bus, and everyone started getting out.

State troopers said the bus driver was driving too fast for the conditions down McCaskill Road when the crash happened. It had rained earlier that afternoon and the bus driver was cited.

“Our drivers are trained on how to handle all sorts of situations. The students and the driver are to be commended for how well they handled the situation,” the Chesterfield County school district said in a statement to Channel 9.

>> The footage from inside the bus can be seen in the video at the top of the page. We do want to warn you that it may be hard to watch.

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