North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announces campaign for governor

RALEIGH, N.C. — Attorney General Josh Stein announced that he will be running to serve as North Carolina’s next governor in 2024.

Stein made the announcement in a video Wednesday, speaking about the need to fight for a North Carolina “rooted in our shared values of freedom, justice, and opportunity for everyone”.

“I learned early on that some things are worth fighting for, no matter the opposition,” said Stein. “Some politicians want to tell you who you should hate when you’ll be pregnant, and who you can marry. I believe in a different North Carolina — and that the fights we choose determine what kind of state we’ll become. We’ll build a better and brighter North Carolina by standing together for what’s right, fighting to fix what’s wrong, and doing right by every single North Carolinian.”

Stein’s announcement video highlighted his decades of service, including his role in lawsuits against big drug companies involved in the opioid epidemic, cracking down on Medicaid fraud, and tackling the backlog of rape kits.

When asked about his decision to run, Stein told the assembly that he is a fighter and acknowledged his plan to work for the people in the same way he did during his time as attorney general.

“It’s how I’ve been as Attorney General, working on behalf of people who have faced very difficult challenges, and I’ve been on their side,” Stein told the assembly.

Stein’s campaign seems to be off to a strong start. In two years, Stein has raised more than $5 million and has almost $4 million in cash on hand. In addition to this, Stein has earned endorsements from over 150 elected officials from across the state.

No other candidates have officially announced a run for governor yet. Current Gov. Roy Cooper is in his last term.

To learn more about Stein’s campaign, click here.

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