Mother, daughter killed after minivan plunges into Monroe quarry

MONROE, N.C. — Channel 9 confirmed a mother and daughter from Marshville died when their minivan plunged into an old rock quarry in Monroe.

Eyewitness News has followed the developments since breaking the report Sunday afternoon. Chopper 9 Skyzoom was overhead Monday as dive teams resumed their search for the vehicle and the second victim’s body.

Crews were able to pull the minivan onto the road after hours of searching and attempts to secure tow hooks to the minivan.
The vehicle plunged about 90 feet to the bottom of the quarry.
Officials found the body of Draya Rape inside the van. They found the body of her mother, Gwen Mullis, Sunday afternoon. The two women lived together in Marshville.

“I just feel sorry for the family and for them for whatever happened, for it to happen here. It’s just devastating,” Margaret Lewis who lives nearby said.

Lewis has lived off Quarry Road for five years and said she has never thought about how dangerous the road could be above the quarry.
Authorities don't know when or why the van went off the road into the quarry but believe it may have happened early Saturday.
As of now, they can't say for sure if it was an accident.
"Anytime on a situation like this, you're always investigating the possibility of foul play and that is being investigated because at this time, we've got no witnesses," Monroe Fire Chief Ron Fowler told Channel 9.
Police are waiting on autopsy results and are temporarily keeping the van to process any evidence.
Road crews added concrete barriers along Quarry Road just an hour after the minivan was towed Monday afternoon

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