Organization helps people who can't afford to get out of jail

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Some people accused of low-level crimes in Charlotte may be able to get out of jail sooner than they thought, even if they can't afford bail.

The Bail Project is a national organization that is stepping in to help bail people out of jail.

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Client advocates Gemini Boyd and Jamie Marsicano will be leading the charge in Charlotte.

The pair will help to identify people in jail who are eligible for release but can't afford it.

"By definition, these are people with very low bond amounts, so they are not a risk to the public," Chief Public Defender Kevin Tulley said.

Across the United States, the Bail Project already operates in 16 other cities -- adding Charlotte to its list last month.

In the video above, Channel 9's Dashawn Brown learns why advocates believe the project could help reduce crime.