Panthers safety draws strength from childhood experience to help family

CHARLOTTE — Carolina Panthers safety Sean Chandler is entering his fifth NFL season.

Chandler said he is motivated by his experience with his family when he was a boy.

Chandler said when he was young, he and his family spent years experiencing homelessness.

“A lot of guys didn’t know because of the way I carried myself, that I had a troubling background,” he said. “In and out of homes, shelters with my mom and my sisters. I was around 10 when we started really started moving around it was like one day, we were here. One day we were here. You know?”

Chandler told Channel 9 that he wears the experience as a child while in New Jersey as a badge of honor.

It reminds him of what he and his family have overcome.

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During the offseason, Chandler bought his first house, which was for his mother.

Chandler will join his teammates on Saturday when the Panthers face the Washington Commanders in D.C. for the season opener.

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