• Parents question fundraiser money going to schools

    By: Blake Hanson


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Several area parents contacted Eyewitness News expressing concern over how much money donated at school fundraisers actually goes to the schools.
    The parents were critical of "Boosterthon." The company bills itself as much more than an average fundraiser.
    Boosterthon includes pep rallies, character building events, as well as a fun run.
    "I know how much time and effort schools, parents and teachers spend on fundraising when really the job is education" said Boosterthon founder, Chris Carneal.
    However, the extra help fundraising comes at a price.
    Boosterthon charges $2,000 upfront and can take up to nearly 50 percent of donations. Carneal insisted much of the money goes back to the schools as part of its programs.
    "We have to plan months and months in advance to staff the school with our incredible trained team," said Carneal.
    Charity Navigator, a watchdog group, said organizations should put at least 75 percent of donations toward the mission.

    "Obviously you want to see the bulk of your money going to the charity and your mission programs," said Sandra Miniutti, vice-president of marketing and CFO for Charity Navigator.
    Miniutti said the best way to get the most bang for your buck is to avoid a middle-man organization altogether.
    "When the middle man gets between the charity and the donor, there is going to be a lack of efficiency," she said.

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