Burke County pastor charged after 2-year-old son accidentally shot by sibling

BURKE COUNTY, N.C. — A pastor has been charged after his 2-year-old son was accidentally shot by his sibling outside of their church.

Burke County sheriff’s deputies said Adam Vines has been charged with a misdemeanor weapons offense. Court documents say Vines “should have known that a minor would be able to gain access to the firearm.” Deputies said the gun was left unsecured in the vehicle.

In October, Vines’ 2-year-old son, Daniel, was shot inside his vehicle by an older sibling after church services at River Valley Baptist Church. Adam Vines is a pastor at the church, Channel 9′s Dave Faherty learned.


Deputies said the child was airlifted to the hospital after the shooting. After undergoing therapy at Levine Children’s Hospital, Daniel returned home and was back at church on Sunday.

For the last month, church members like Joann McClellan have prayed every day for Daniel’s recovery.

“We know what the Lord done for that young one. It’s a miracle,” she said. “We had a miracle and that little boy came through.”

Kevin Barlow lives right next to the church. He heard the gunshot and the screams coming from the parking lot the night of the shooting. He, too, has gone to church at River Valley and is thankful for Daniel’s recovery.

“God’s a miracle-working God,” Barlow said. “I’m thankful for it, ‘cause I know they are.”

Faherty asked Barlow and McClellan if they agree with the decision to charge Vines after his son was hospitalized for more than a month.

“I don’t think he should go to jail or anything. But he’s aware of that now, and keep secure the firearm and everything,” Barlow said.

“He’s been through enough,” McClellan said. “The devil has pushed him in every which way he can. Let that go. That’s the way I feel about it.”

The pastor texted Faherty Tuesday afternoon, saying, “Daniel is doing wonderful. Just so thankful to be home. As far as the charge is concerned, all I can say is to God be the glory. It could have been worse but the Lord watched over us all.”

VIDEO: Pastor’s 2-year-old son accidentally shot in church parking lot, deputies say