Peeping Tom Airdrops UNCC student lewd photo, exposes himself, police say

Peeping Tom Airdrops UNCC student lewd photo, exposes himself

CHARLOTTE — A UNC Charlotte student told police she was in her new apartment Sunday night when she received an inappropriate photo sent to her phone. She then heard moaning coming from outside and saw a man with a flashlight peeping inside her home.

The student, who did not want to be identified, moved into the 49 North apartments, which are off-campus, eight days before the incident.

“It’s just kind of hard to be here and not think about it,” the student said.

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The photo was Airdropped to her phone.

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“Once I accepted the first Airdrop, I found out it was a nude (man),” she said.

She then saw the man outside moaning and touching himself.

“I’m pulling out my phone to dial 911, and I go back into my room, and I’m looking through the door, and I see lights flashing through my blinds,” the student said.

“It’s really crazy because before I heard the moaning, I was, like, ‘I should probably check my window to see if it’s locked,’” she said.

The incident was reported, and she was surprised when she learned it might not have been the first time a similar report was made.

She said police said it might be a serial peeping Tom case because it’s happened to about 14 women since March. The student said it’s important that she speaks up now about it.

“I’m trying to find that comfort,” she said. “I know the situation is fairly recent, but I don’t want to be scared. I don’t want to be intimidated.”

Police have not confirmed if there is a string of cases, such as the one the woman described.

Man caught moaning, peeping through woman?€™s bedroom window, CMPD says