'Play at the Pump' lottery game growing in North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — More convenience stores are looking at an option for customers to Play at the Pump, where with one swipe of a debit card, customers can both pay for gas and play the lottery.

The Foodmart off Central Avenue is one of four locations near uptown Charlotte that offers Play at the Pump. The owner said customers have won big at his store. He installed the new machines about a year ago because of their convenience and better security, because the lottery can lead to long lines inside the store.

The idea of using a debit card at the pump can bring up concerns about skimmers.

Van Denton, a spokesperson with North Carolina Education Lottery, said it’s a risk stores take when they upgrade their systems.

"That would be up to the store to protect their gas pumps and their technology there," Denton said.

Heather Sadaduski said she likes to play the lottery games, especially when she gets lucky at the Foodmart.

"I like the scratch-offs. The All American Bucks," she said.

Sadaduski said she has won $100 at least twice, and even though Play at the Pump is available, she isn't sure if she's ready to use it.

"I'll probably still come inside because I’m old-school like that, I guess," she said.

Since Play at the Pump started in 2015, there have been 268 locations that have opened up across North Carolina. Denton believes the type of play is growing across the state.

It's also generated $2.37 million in sales since the program began

They've also generated $2.37 million in sales since the program began.

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