Plumbing issues cause flooding, surgery cancellations at Atrium Health in Pineville

PINEVILLE, N.C. — Elective surgeries will continue on Friday and patients are being moved back to their original rooms after a plumbing fixture leak on the fourth floor of Atrium Health in Pineville caused flooding in areas of the hospital early Thursday morning, officials said.

Hospital officials said patients in the affected areas were moved to other parts of the hospital, and some patients on lower floors were also relocated as a precaution.

Some critical care patients were taken to other Atrium Health facilities nearby as a precaution, according to the hospital.

Hospital officials also announced that all elective surgeries scheduled for Thursday were canceled, and those patients are being notified.

wIn a statement, Atrium Health addressed the issue, saying:

“We appreciate the diligent efforts of our teammates who have worked to ensure our patients’ comfort and safety and to those who were called upon to identify and resolve the issue and are now working to restore operations. As we work to clean up the damage, we are taking additional precautions to make sure these areas are safe for patients before anyone is moved back into these locations. We apologize to our patients and their guests who may be inconvenienced by this matter as we work to return to business as usual.”

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