• Man accused of robbing stores in Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville arrested

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. - Police arrested Erik Ramsey who is accused of robbing multiple convenience stores at gunpoint over the weekend of March 22. 

    Ramsey allegedly robbed stores in Mooresville, Cornelius, Huntersville, and Troutman police departments. 

    "They were all within a span of about three to four hours of each other," Huntersville Officer Odette Saglimbeni said. "We just believe they're related because it's the same bag that was used in the time span in between the incidents." 

    Authorities also said there was a getaway car involved. 

    "In Cornelius, they may have caught them on their traffic cams. And, all we have is a red passenger car," Saglimbeni said. 

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    Officials said Cashion's in Huntersville was the third store hit that night, around 11:14 p.m. 

    The clerk said the suspect walked from 

    "I thought he was one of our regulars until I realized he held a gun and realized he wasn't," the clerk said. 

    The clerk told Channel 9's Stephanie Tinoco the suspect did not say a word and was only in the store for a few seconds. 

    "So I looked at him, I said 'No.' He nodded and I said 'No get out or I'm calling the cops' and he just turned and left," the clerk said. 

    The clerk said he was not concerned about the gun and the possibility of the suspect shooting him because he "didn't have the look of a killer." 

    Police said the suspect did fire his gun before leaving the store. 

    "He shot it over there, next to the icebox, but they can't find the bullet," the clerk said. "I guess it was an intimidation tactic or having a tantrum." 

    Store officials said they have made security changes and hope someone will come forward with information to help police make an arrest. 

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