Asheville police chief issues apology after officers destroy medical station

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Asheville Police Chief David Zack issued a formal apology Thursday on YouTube about the destruction of a medical aid station Tuesday night.

Zack said the incident had “deeply affected our community, embarrassed our city and our department.”

The chief issued a statement Wednesday, but he said it was inadequate in addressing the community’s concerns.

Police officers stomped on water bottles and destroyed medical supplies at a station set up to aid demonstrators protesting the death of George Floyd.

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The AP reported video shows Asheville police officers in riot gear and holding shields forming a protective circle around other officers who are stomping on water bottles and stabbing bottles with a knife.

Other officers destroyed medical supplies such as bandages and saline solution.

Mayor Esther Manheimer acknowledged the incident and said the City Council was seeking an explanation. She called the incident “a disappointing moment.”

Zack initially said his department tried to eliminate objects that can be thrown at protesters and law enforcement. He also said he’d rather see the items confiscated instead of destroyed, and apologized.