Charlotte man hijacks ambulance, leads police on chase down I-85

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — State and local investigators are trying to figure out why a Charlotte father hijacked an ambulance with his young son inside and led officers on a chase in Gaston County.

Police took Bobby Glenn, 22, into custody after the chase ended about a half-mile down Interstate 85 just beyond the South Fork River.

(Bobby Glenn)

Paramedics said the man used his 3-year-old son to lure the ambulance.

The boy caught in the middle of the chase with the hijacked ambulance bonded with the officers who rescued him, wanting to stay with police instead of leaving with social workers.

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The boy's father called 911 claiming he and the child were in the middle of a Gastonia street and needed help.

“I need the ambulance and the police. My son need the ambulance and I need the police,” Glenn said during the call.

“Ok what do you need the ambulance for?” the dispatcher asked.

“My son,” Glenn said.

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When the dispatcher pressed Glenn, he became combative, police said.

“I need the police. I need the police ma’am,” Glenn said.

“Okay. What do you need the police for?” the dispatcher asked.

“Because I feel like my life is in jeopardy right now,” Glenn said.

Two ambulances arrived and Glenn reportedly insisted on using the one that would allow him to get in front with the driver, police said.

When the ambulance started rolling, police said that's exactly what he did.

A paramedic in the ambulance made a cryptic two-way call.

"(He) has jumped up to the front ... combative," the paramedic said.

Paramedics said Glenn was aggressive and struggled with one of the two EMTs in the ambulance. Glenn gave them turn-by-turn instructions, police said.

"He was forcing the paramedics to drive the vehicle where he told them to, against their will,” Gaston EMS Major J. H. McConnell said.

They radioed dispatchers when the ambulance passed a police officer.

"Have police know that that's us that's passing them. He won't let us stop," the paramedic said.

The 3-year-old child was in the ambulance the entire time.

Paramedics in the other ambulances heard the two-way traffic and followed.

“They just went pass Exit 22. They are not stopping," one paramedic said on the radio.

"It was very distressing, but I was comforted by the fact that Gastonia city police were able to very quickly get the vehicle to stop,” McConnell said.

Police managed to get in front of the ambulance and force the paramedic at the wheel to pull off the road.

Authorities said Glenn was taken into custody after resisting and assaulting police officers.

His son also got into a police car. The officer let him play with his radio and watch movies on a mobile phone until social workers arrived.

Glenn is facing two counts of first-degree kidnapping and misdemeanor child abuse, among other charges.

(Watch video from Chopper 9 over the scene on I-85 in Gaston County)

BREAKING: Chopper 9 is flying over scene on I-85 north in Gaston County where police said a man used physical force to hijack an ambulance. UPDATES:

Posted by WSOC-TV on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Medic said they deal with combative patients weekly in Mecklenburg County.

They’re releasing 15 brand new ambulances this month.

The ambulances will be packed with safety features for staff, including a wall dividing the driver from the back and new locking devices so patients can't jump from the moving vehicle.

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