• Police say they found guns, drugs in Kings Mtn home

    By: Ken Lemon


    KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. - Police said they found shotguns, assault rifles and pounds of marijuana in a suspected drug dealer's home in Kings Mountains.

    About 45 guns were taken from Mark Walters home near Kings Mountain.

    During his bond hearing Friday, his attorney, who is also state Rep. Tim Moore, told the judge Walters has never been charged with a serious crime.

    "He is a lifelong resident," Moore said. "Lives there in the home. Has a 14-year-old son."

    Police said Thursday their investigation into a case at Bessemer City High School led them to Walters' house on Chestnut Ridge Road.

    The officer noticed a strange smell coming from the building in the backyard. Police got a search warrant and found nine pounds of marijuana, $5,000 in cash and dozens of guns.

    "We have no evidence at this point that any of these weapons or drugs were connected to the school or would be making their way to any school," said Capt. Bill Melton with the Gaston County Police Department.

    They are worried about the weapons. Some are assault rifles. One can fire 50 rounds before reloading.

    "This is a large amount of weaponry and our questions are, 'What was the intent, where did they come from.'" Melton said.

    They believe Walters and his brother, Tracey, ran a marijuana grow operation. Police are still looking for Tracey

    They only face drug charges now, but there could be weapons charges once police learn more about these guns.


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