• President's former aide in hometown for convention

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The president's former right-hand man is in town for the convention in what coincidentally happens to be his hometown.

    Reggie Love said he is always excited to be back home in Charlotte, but it's a little different this time because he's not on the clock with the president.

    He is, however, making his way around the city, speaking to students in support of the campaign. It’s a campaign he used to be a part of as the president's aide.

    He was there working alongside President Obama in 2008 at the DNC in Denver, and said for the next 24 hours, Obama will be practicing his speech and every other little detail.

    “They do mock podiums or teleprompters, and whatever it is that goes into prepping, and making sure is it the right tie, the right suit -- it's a lot of work,” Love said.

    Love said he spoke to the president just a couple days ago, and that he hopes he gets a couple minutes to see him in Charlotte.

    Love said he looks forward to the president's big speech. In the meantime, he's catching up with old friends, some of whom graduated from Providence Day School with him.

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