‘Preventing the next tragedy’: Parents of child that drowned in east Charlotte pond push for change

CHARLOTTE — It’s been almost one year since Natasha and Maurice Coletrane’s three-year-old son Bourne drowned in an east Charlotte retention pond.

The Coletranes believe their son’s death was completely preventable and think that if a fence was built around the pond, their son might still be with them today. Now, the family is taking action to cause change and prevent another tragedy like this from happening; they filed a lawsuit against the property’s developer, the engineering firm, and the HOA.

“It’s all about preventing the next tragedy; clearly, this is something that was preventable; it’s sad, and so we’re here in support of Bourne and hoping that his legacy can be about change,” William Harding, Coletrane’s attorney, said.

On Sunday, loved ones marched from the park to the pond in honor of the anniversary, a march that was a painful reminder to the Coletranes of the loss of their 3-year-old son.

“I miss him so much, and he’s in all of us,” Natasha Coletrane said.

Maurice Coletrane tried to remember the legacy his young son left behind.

“Bourne brought people together in life and even after his passing, and this is a testament to that,” Maurice Coletrane said.

The Coletranes have many supporters who agree that if a fence can be built around the park’s playground, it’s even more important to build one around the retention pond.

“It is a beautiful neighborhood; there are wonderful people here, and they all have children and babies, and they can get away from them sometimes,” Natasha Coletrane said.

As of now, the developer, the engineering firm, and the HOA have not responded in court. Channel 9′s Glenn Counts reached out to the parties for comment but was not able to reach them.

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