• Questions raised after Garinger HS fires beloved soccer coach

    By: Stephanie Maxwell


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - One high school soccer team's season is over after the school fired their long-time coach.

    Garinger High School's boy's soccer team was undefeated two weeks ago until coach David Garrett was told he was done.

    That's when his players said they were done, too.

    After Garrett's dismal, every member of the team voluntarily quit.

    Even though his coaching duties are over at Garinger, Garrett won't ever get soccer out of his system.

    His charity One7 works with refugees as a sports ministry.

    After coaching for six years at the school, Garrett said it's hard to walk away.

    "I was a father to all of these boys. I wasn't a coach. I wasn't doing it for the soccer. It was much deeper than soccer," he said.

    CMS sent Channel 9 a statement, saying the decision was made to move into a new direction for the team.

    But that wasn't enough for his players, even some seniors, who decided to quit despite not losing so far this season.

    "The goal was to win the state championship for Garinger High," senior Nooh Abbas said. "I believe every teammate when he got fired believed that was not possible anymore."

    Their decision is putting their soccer futures and possible scholarship offers in jeopardy.

    "I couldn't continue playing the season without him," said team member David Mbuyu.

    "He's like everything to the whole team."

    Garrett said despite getting fired, he respects the school's decision.

    "I'll miss everything about it because I loved the school and loved every moment of being there," he said.

    Channel 9 contacted the North Carolina High School Athletic Association to see if it's looking into any potential violations with the Garinger program.

    A spokesperson said he could not confirm or deny any active investigations.

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