Rep. Mel Watt brings grandson to government hearing

WASHINGTON — Attorney General Eric Holder's testimony may have been center stage at one point Wednesday, but pretty soon, all eyes were on a young boy who was at the hearing.

Nico is North Carolina Rep. Mel Watt's grandson.

Nico sat on his grandfather's lap throughout the testimony.

Anyone thinking that kids should not be brought to hearings are not alone.

Off camera, the Holder can be heard jokingly asking why Watt brought along his unexpected guest.

"Mr. Watt, you are only supposed to do that during the confirmation hearing. That's when you roll out the kids," Holder said.

A spokesman for Watt stated, "C
ongressman Watt's daughter-in-law was in town with his grandson, Nico, and he was keeping Nico while she was attending an event.  It just so happened that his grand-parenting duties coincided with the Judiciary Committee hearing and he feeling that both of those duties were equally important he took Nico with him to the hearing."