Research charity before donating #GivingTuesday

Research charity before donating #GivingTuesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There's Black Friday, Cyber Monday and now Giving Tuesday.

#GivingTuesday is fairly new, but charities urge people to take a break from holiday shopping and spend your money on them Tuesday.

If you choose to do so, give wisely. Research the charity before you donate.

"You don't want that feeling of seeing it on the news the next day, that this is a rotten charity, that the president of it absconded with all of the money.  Then you're sitting there going, 'Well, I'm just not going to give to anybody anymore,'" said Charlotte Better Business Bureau Director Tom Bartholomy.

Action 9 suggest you see how much of a nonprofit's money goes to its own salaries at and read general reviews at

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