Resolution reached in persistent payroll problems with Gaston County Schools

GASTON COUNTY, N.C. — Educators’ association members in Gaston County and the school district agreed last week to settle a lawsuit over payroll issues.


Employees with the school district said they have had payroll problems since January 2022 after a new system was implemented.

Some of the issues included, educators not getting direct deposits, being underpaid, or being overcharged in deductions.

The Gaston North Carolina Association of Educators filed a lawsuit in March on behalf of the employees in the Gaston County Schools district.

The district has since put in place a system for employees who have payroll issues.

“After an employee notifies the district of a problem, the district has 48 hours to resolve the issues, including covering any costs or fees associated with incorrect payments,” said Alexa Gram Feller, president of the Gaston NCAE, in a news release. “This system has been in place for several weeks and is working.”

The NCAE and GCS agreed to resume regular meetings to ensure payroll and other related matters are resolved amicably as part of the settlement agreement.

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