Deputies: Woman spiked fiancée's soda with eye drops, inspired by movie

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — A man said he caught his fiancee putting eye drops into his soda Saturday at their Rowan County home.

The victim said he confronted his fiancee, Jaymee Cruz, after watching her put the drops in his Coca-Cola, and then locked himself and their baby in the bathroom to call 911.

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Deputies said when they got there, Cruz at first denied putting eye drops in the drink, but later admitted she did it to make the man sick.

Cruz said she got the idea from the movie "Wedding Crashers" and did it because she wanted to move out of the home with their daughter.

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Consuming eye drops is extremely dangerous and can be deadly. The main ingredient reduces redness in the eyes, but when ingested, it can rapidly reach the blood and central nervous system.

This isn’t the first time Channel 9 has reported about a woman using eye drops to poison her partner.

Last year, York County investigators charged Lana Clayton in her husband’s death after she admitted to putting eye drops in his water.

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Stephen Clayton’s toxicology report showed poisonous levels of the key ingredient in eye drops.

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