SC preschool teacher faces child abuse charges against 7-year-old boy

LANCASTER, S.C. — A South Carolina preschool teacher is facing child abuse charges. Police say she shoved, kicked, pushed and dragged a 7-year-old boy.

The child’s mother told Channel 9 his injuries were so bad, he had to be hospitalized.

Reporter Tina Terry learned the incident was all caught on camera, and the mom said it was horrible to watch. She didn’t want to talk on camera, but said she wants the suspect to be held accountable for her alleged actions.

“I got six great grandkids and it makes me mad,” neighbor Lynell McAteer said.

Detectives said Amanda Dee Ann Henry is known as “Ms. Mandy” by kids at a daycare inside Springdell Baptist Church in Lancaster.

Lancaster County detectives charged Henry with child abuse Wednesday for an incident that took place in April. A police report says an officer “was able to view surveillance video of the incident.” He summarized it saying in part:

“Amanda picks [the child] up while [the child] kicks and thrashes.” She “shoves [the child] to the ground” and at one point “appears to kick [the child]. It says “once [the child] is back on his feet Amanda pushes and then drags [the child] by his ears into a classroom.”

On the phone Thursday, the child’s mom told Terry he had to be hospitalized due to his injuries.

Neighbors like McAteer said they are hoping this incident prevents others.

“I hope she gets time,” McAteer said. “They need to set an example that they can’t mess with our kids.”

Deputies say Henry has been released from jail after paying more than $27,000 in bond. She’s slated to have a first appearance in court on July 16.

Terry was told that daycare would be sending a statement but we so far, we have not received it.

(WATCH BELOW: Assistant principal charged with child abuse)

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